Tired of feeling like you don't know where to start as you're building your coaching business?

Taking in a TON of content from every coach out there but now you're paralyzed, not knowing what to do first?

Done fucking around so you can finally quit your 9-5 and work from anywhere in the world?

Ready to PLAY BIG and need a coach who will walk you step-by-step through the business building process, but also allow you to build your own UNIQUE biz (NOT cookie cutter)? 


A rule breaker. A rebel. A force to be reckoned with.

On a MISSION to get your MESSAGE out in a big way!

A storyteller and you KNOW your message will change the world. 

A visionary and have BIG dreams, but right now you're stuck in overwhelm, not knowing where to start or what's the next best step. 


I created Wild Woman: Business Unleashed after watching too many women try the DIY Method, piecing their companies together, leaving them disjointed and fragmented. Following the advice of several coaches, copy and pasting what someone else told you to say... 

In this digital course, will show you step-by-step how to set your coaching business up for success that comes from your voice, not a cookie-cutter coach approach. 

No more trial-and-error. I made the mistakes so YOU don't have to. 


This all-inclusive curriculum includes:

Module 1: Goal Setting, Mindset + Visioning.

Module 2: Getting Legal + Legit

Module 3: Building a Financially Healthy Business

Module 4: Attracting Clients Who Light You The Fuck Up! 

Module 5: Becoming a Badass at Sales

Module 6: Building a Strong Brand Through Storytelling. 

ModUle 7: Creating 1:1 and Group Coaching Programs

Module 8: Coaching Development + Ttraining 

Module 9: Websites and SEO

Module 10: Sales Funnel Fun 

Module 11: Opt-ins, Resources, and Content Creation

Module 12: Social Media 101

Module 13: Facebook Ads 101    

Module 14: Expanding Your Reach

Module 15: Bringing the Woo Into Your Biz 

Module 16: Setting Business Goals for the Year


+ Sixteen fillable/printable workbooks for each module

+ A Private Facebook group for accountability and support

+ A digital copy of the book 'Profit First' by Mike Michalowicz, so you can build a financially healthy business.   


+ You're a passionate, bold, dedicated Wild Woman who is done fucking around and ready to build a profitable coaching business.

+ You've bought the books and tried the self-guided programs, but what you REALLY need is the structure and accountability of a group program.  

+ You are willing to invest the time and money into your business and know that you're going to get to where you want to be FASTER with support and accountability.  


- You're unwilling to invest the time and money it's going to take to build a legitimate coaching practice.

- You hate social media and don't want to be on Facebook or Instagram. 

- You're ok with feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next or how to take your business to the next level. 

- You're looking to have someone to tell you exactly what to do, the way a consultant or business manager does.  I will give you the tools, but YOU make them your own and put them into action.  



"Shannon is my Queen of story-based branding.

Before connecting with Shannon, I had spent well over a year manically studying how to launch my dream brand, but successful execution still eluded me. During our weekly story-based marketing coaching calls, she broke down what felt like a HUGE project into a step by step process. She taught me it’s not the marketing jargon, tricks, or formulas that matter - it’s the people who want to know who I am and WHY I do what I do.

Since working together I've launched my website, 3 opt-ins, and an online course, and every word of copy I (proudly) wrote myself! But the even bigger transformation since working with Shannon is my new found confidence to speak my truth and come out from behind the keyboard! Shannon knows what she’s talking about - owning your story is the best business tool you can invest in." Laura Ellen, Body + Life Transformation Coach

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“Working with Shannon has proven to be a literal life changer! She has impacted my life deeply and in powerfully positive ways.

Four months into our time together and I have left my soul-sucking / relationship-ravaging 6-figure job, had a baby (who is hands down my lifetime “why”), and jumped into my new business with eyes, arms, and heart wide open. 

Not only has she soulfully provided me with an open-minded and heart-centered forum to manifest my dream business, but she has also provided support and pivotal encouragement during challenging times not intrinsically connected to building my business." Bethany Mikkola, Life Coach for Mamas

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“The universe put Shannon in my path exactly when she was supposed to show up. After meeting her, she quickly became my inspiration for what was possible along a path I knew I needed to pursue as if my life depended on it. 

While this path that Shannon lives on and coaches from helped me become an entrepreneur and form the wellness company, KURE, it also taught me something so much more valuable - how to vulnerably speak my truths without the urge to hide under a rock!!

Coaching by the example she lives, Shannon encouraged me to give myself permission to speak from my heart’s voice, a voice that felt trapped in a box wrapped with fear and self doubt. To say that being coached by Shannon has been a life changing transformation would be an understatement! ” Kate Ure, Wellness Educator and Coach

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“Before meeting with Shannon I was confused about how to market my business and didn’t know how to “add value.” She both supported and challenged me which allowed me to focus on the things that were important.

Since working with Shannon I’ve been published 3 different times, left my 9-5 to launch my dream career, and learned how to share my story in ways that felt authentic and valuable. I’ve grown my email list, instagram followers and facebook tribe.

Shannon is honest, open and extremely supportive. I would still probably be confused and working my 9-5 job if I hadn’t began working with her. I’m so glad I made the investment in both myself and my business.” Tarah Galloway, Mind|Body|Soul Coach


The investment for Wild Woman: Business Unleashed is $397.


BONUS #1: Instant Access to Wild Woman: B side, my Mentoring + Training program, for additional training and accountability from a supportive community.  The program includes THREE LIVE training + coaching calls a month, as well as Open Office Hours where you can bring your coaching requests and pick my brain.


BONUS #2: 'Is Your Financial Foundation Set Up Properly?: A Guide for New Entrepreneurs', as well as a Financial Assessment with Profit Strategist, Carrie Fry Williams. 


BONUS #3: 60 minute Astro Coaching session with Tiffany Hammer, Energy Healer + Emotions Coach. Tiffany will use astrological and crystal pairing to activate your 90-day plan in your business.

Rock On: Intro to Astrology, an 11-page guide constellation, planets and the houses, how to use the stars to create the life you love.  

You Got a Crystal, Now What? Guide. How to care for your crystals and how to start working with them, with intention.


BONUS #4: 'CEO Status Bundle: CEO Annual Goals, Time-Blocking for Entrepreneurs' fillable worksheets, and a 30-minute Success Call with Olivia Chapman, Life + Business Coach