You are here for a reason.

Something led you HERE, to me,

and I don't think that should be ignored. 


Regardless of how you hire me, here are the steps we always take together: 

  • Look at your business to ensure that it is legal, legit and sustainable.  

  • Evaluate the money side of things to ensure the financial health of your business.

  • Get super clear on your vision, values and your bigger why.


Then we: 

  • Dive into identifying who your ideal client is and who you're meant to serve.  

  • Review your website and social media presence to make sure you're 'on brand' and attracting the kind of clients you desire. 

  • Create a sales funnel that helps you build your Know, Like + Trust factor, helping to turn fans into paying clients. 


Next we: 

  • Discover your core message and how to share your story with the world in a way that feels real and honest. 

  • Uncover any blocks you may have about getting visible in the online space so you can build a solid base of potential clients.  

  • Create packages and products that your people can't get enough of,  increasing your income and impact.  


Last, we: 

  • Review what's working and not working, and make the necessary tweaks to get you hired!

  • Set up monthly, quarterly and yearly goals to set you up for long term success. 

  • Create a marketing and social media strategy so you can blow your business up online. 


Every client and their needs are different, which is why I love to customize my coaching programs.  The investment for my services range from US$99-$750/mo.  

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Mentoring + Training

Group Coaching

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Find out if we're a fit by setting up a consultation. 

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