You are here for a reason.

Something led you HERE, to me,

and I don't think that should be ignored. 


Regardless of how you hire me, here are the steps we take to unlock the power of YOU: 

  • We dive into WHO you are, WHAT you want to be known for, and WHY you're doing this work. 

  • We explore your BIG vision and why you HAVE TO get your message out into the world. 

  • Identify your values, what you stand for and what you're committed to creating during our time together. 


Then we: 

  • Tap into who your dream client is so you leave your client calls feeling lit.the.fuck.up and on fire!!

  • Sift through all of the ways in which you are unique, unusual and unconventional so you can stand out from the crowd in your branding and messaging.

  • Discover your core message and craft your story so you're able to connect with your community on a Soul level. 


Next we: 

  • Uncover the bullshit stories you've been telling yourself as to why you can't show up online as 100% beautifully, messy YOU

  • Challenge your beliefs around visibility, vulnerability and courage. 

  • Feel into the bold stories you want to tell and how to craft them in a way that feels really fucking liberating. 


Last, we: 

  • Unearth YOUR authentic voice and brand that draws your dream clients in like a magnet.

  • Clear out the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from stepping fully into owning your story and showing up so.fucking.powerfully online.  

  • Create experiences and services that align with your dream client so you can change lives and bring in the income you desire. 

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