Are you a woman who has ever said...

"I see myself being so much bigger than this. Public speaking. Workshops. book signings. Ted Talks. I'm ready to move forward, but I am so overwhelmed by everything."

"I am on a mission to get my message and story out into the world. This work feels like it's a duty. It is my obligation to spread this message and help people around the world. But I don't even know where to start."

“I’m scared to get visible as Woo Woo. In my personal life, I’m very Woo Woo. But to think about putting myself out there to the world, it’s really terrifying." 

"People come to me for answers and strength. If I show vulnerability they won’t look at me the same way. I can’t have any weaknesses."

Here's what's possible during our time together:

  • Clarity around who you are as a coach and healer, and stand powerfully in your unique gifts and talents. 

  • Reclaim your voice and stand in your truth as you get more vulnerable and visible in the online space. 

  • Identify the money and confidence beliefs that have kept you from raising your prices, charging what your services are worth and earning the income you desire. 

  • The ability to pick out nuggets of wisdom from your daily life and transform it into valuable content that your dream clients devour. 

  • Getting deeply rooted in your WHY, making it feel like content is coming from your soul rather than your head.

  • Giving less shits about what people think of you and what you've been through, knowing that by you sharing your story, you're changing someone's life.  


This experience is for you if:

  • You're searching to refine and clarify your niche and position yourself as an authority + leader in your industry. 

  • You've been sharing your story online, but you're having a hard time breaking through the 'vulnerability bubble'. 

  • You want to create super juicy content that your community eats up so by the time they get on the phone with you it's like talking with an old friend.   

  • You have a social media presence but you're wanting to step up your game + build a brand that is fun and represents you and your values.

  • You are done fucking around and playing small and ready to step into the next level of your life and business.  


The Radical Courage Program includes...


  • 50-minute coaching calls, mixed with training, mentoring and consulting for support and accountability.

  • Access to Wild Woman: B Side, my group coaching and mentoring program, for additional training and accountability from an international community of coaches.  To learn more about the B Side Community click here. 

  • Customized assignments to complete in between sessions.

  • All of our calls are recorded so you can go back and listen for more clarity and inspiration.

  • VIP Voxer Messaging + email support Monday-Friday, during normal business hours.

  • Accountability and acknowledgements from a coach who knows what it's like to have goals so big they scare the shit out of you, and who is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!



2 Hour Intensive!

I love it when women are ready to invest in themselves and their transformations.  If you sign up within 24 hours of our consultation, I will gift you a 2-hour Intensive to kick off our time together. We will dive into your goals and desires, and create a plan to begin the transformative work that will set you FREE!



**Sorry, services not available to residents of the Cayman Islands**