The only thing holding you back is YOU, and your bullshit story as to why you can't live the life you want. 

I'm so guilty of doing this.  We're all guilty.  We dream big dreams and then talk ourselves out of them.  We think about the amazing life we want, and then come up with all of the ways it's not going to happen.  

We sabotage our success before we even get out of bed in the morning.

As an entrepreneur, I struggle with my limiting beliefs and bullshit story on a daily, if not hourly, basis.  I have so many reasons as to why my big dreams won't come true. Why my business won't be successful.  Why I can't have a thriving coaching career that allows me to travel the world, set my own schedule and help millions of women feel alive and free!

I hated how I'd look at my Dream Board and then walk away telling myself that I was dreaming too big.  That I needed to scale it back a bit.  Here I am in my Dream Bigger Dream Board Group telling hundreds of people to DREAM BIGGER, and I was talking shit to myself. 

I knew I needed to shift something.  

I hopped on the phone with Success Coach (and a Money Mindset Coach), Kelly Atwood.  Such a Boss Babe and a total Money Manifesting Mama.  

Kelly helped me break down all of the bullshit I was telling myself about my business and what was keeping me stuck.  Then we started talking about Empowering Beliefs, aka Affirmations.  

Wait.  Hold up.  

I don't know about you, but Affirmations don't work for me.  

I flash back to my college days of telling myself I was beautiful even though I'd gained 20 lbs and felt like a stranger in my own body.  I was just staring in the mirror lying to myself and would walk away feeling even worse.

I needed something different.  

Kelly and I took apart my Bullshit Stories and I wrote down what the opposite belief was for each story.  I told her my fear and she said, "Ok, now what is the opposite of that, that you can believe to be true?"  

It took me a while to get them right, and I've re-written since our session to feel more aligned with my new story.  


So in true transparency, here are a few of my Bullshit Stories and my new Empowering Beliefs...


My Bullshit Story: If people are trying to travel they aren't going to spend the money on a coach because they're trying to save money.  

My new Empowering Belief: People who want to drastically change their lives will pay the money and do whatever it takes to change. 

I am living proof of this!!  I paid my therapist $500 a month for over a year to get my shit sorted.  Did I feel like I had an extra $500 lying around?  Hell no!!  But I was so ready to get over that guy, learn why I kept dating the biggest mess in the room, and clear up old family of origin shit that I FOUND THE MONEY.  

I'm paying my marketing coach $2000 for a 4 month program (with my total Girl Crush and Boss Babe Rebecca Rubin) because I want to transform my business and my life.  When I signed up for the program I had the money to pay for the program in savings, but I wanted to generate the income so I wasn't dipping into my money.  I set an intention, and I had $2000 a few weeks before the start of the program!  


My bullshit story: It's going to take a long time and a lot of hard work before I'm successful.  

My new Empowering Belief: I have the ability to create any sized business I desire, and I have the skills and the drive to make it happen quickly.  

I have had several careers in my life.  When I graduated from college in 2001 I began work as a Chemical Dependency Professional.  I'd already been working as a Domestic Violence Counselor for the previous 2 years.  I had to go back to school to get my CDP certificate, but I put my mind to it and completed a years worth of course work in 6 months.  

I was determined to make this my career.  

When I left counseling and began Cosmetology school in 2003, 2 large Buddha heads in a little salon caught my eye.  I decided right then that I was going to work for THAT salon one day.  

Within 5 years I was working in that salon.  

I absolutely, hands down, can make any dream come true.   

And so can you!!

I WILL BE a powerhouse coach and help MILLIONS OF WOMEN transform their lives!!

I WILL MAKE more money than I ever thought possible, which will be a symbol of how many lives I have impacted.  

And I AM creating a business that will challenge me, empower me, and change the world.  

What is your Bullshit Story?  

What are some new Empowering Beliefs that will move you out of that, "This is never going to work out, I should just settle for what I have now." mindset and into a "I am creating a life that is kicking some serious ass!!"?

Are you ready to finally be done with your Bullshit Story once and for all?