Original Post: March 4, 2015

SURRENDER: to give up, abandon, or relinquish (comfort, hope, etc.).  To give (oneself) up to some influence, course, emotion, etc.

"When you become willing to change, you surrender to a greater perception, a loving perception...When you let go, your surrender will crack open your connection to your Inner Guide." ~May Cause Miracles

Everyday, whether we are aware or not, our fears flow in and out of our minds.  We may dismiss them, knowing we're being silly, we may let them sit for a minute and then get distracted (look, shiny things!!), or we may let them come into our consciousness and stick around all day.  When was the last time you wrote your fears down?  Looked them straight on, dissected them, and then showered them with love?  Do you have a mantra you say to yourself to make the voice of fear (stupid ego voice, just shut up already!) a little quieter?  What if, when you had these thoughts, you told yourself, "I'm willing to see love instead of this!"

My fears today:

  • Is the coaching program I'm about to sign up for the best decision for me?  I'm willing to see love instead of this!

  • What if I don't get full usage of my hand back?  I'm willing to see love instead of this!

  • My career as a yoga instructor could be over before it's even started.  I'm willing to see love instead of this!

  • How am I going to pay all of my bills after 2 weeks off of work?  I'm willing to see love instead of this!

Taking the first step is the hardest.  You have to become willing to change.  You have to WANT things to be different and move in the direction of change.  You have to be so sick of how things are that you'd be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make life better.  You have to be all in, no half-assing it.  Both feet, head first, "I want a different story and I won't stop until I've created a life that I'm so in love with."  And when you let go of how you think things should be, how you think your life should be, you surrender to your Inner Guide and a new way of living.  You open yourself up to the possibility of a miraculous transformation!!

I'd love it if you followed along with me on this 40-day journey!!  Isn't transformation more fun when you have people to talk about it with??