Original Post: March 5, 2015

"I am willing to let go of my old limiting beliefs and let love enter in...Our fear based minds believe that change is tough and self-reflective work is difficult." ~May Cause Miracles

It takes so much work to live in that dark cloud of fear.  And it's so exhausting!!  We just think it's easier because it's familiar.  Start to think about your life and how you're living, if you've been struggling for a while.  Obviously what you're doing now isn't working, or else you'd be dancing around with rainbows shooting out of your ass.  Wouldn't it be worth it to start making little changes (or just saying "Fuck it" and moving/quitting that dumb job/dumping the person that's holding you back) and see what life has in store for you?  What do you have to do to change your perspective, even just a little bit?  I get that it's scary, but you can't change your life if you're not willing to push past that fear to start to shift your perspective.  

I loved this piece that Gabrielle Bernstein had us write down last night:

Dear Inner Guide,

     I am committed to transforming my fears to love.  I will open my heart and mind to love and will let my intuition guide me.  I welcome all the spiritual assignments that may come and I am ready, willing and able to smother my fears with the light of love.  I choose to see love instead of fear. 

                                 In Love,