Original Post: March 8, 2015


"A miracle is simply a shift in perception...The moment we choose to let go of fear and choose love instead, a miracle happens." ~May Cause Miracles

When you're IN LOVE and out of fear, you'll be able to remind yourself that miracles occur naturally.  And I'm not talking about being in love.  I'm talking about being love.  You can choose to live in fear, or you can choose to live in love.  I'm choosing to live in love.  

But I'm human, and this is my struggle...

When I'm out of alignment, I get cranky, judgmental, and maybe a little snotty.  Sometimes I'm just anti-social, or being social is too overwhelming for me.  Plus, I work in customer service!! It's hard to stay rooted in love when people are asking me stupid questions!!  How??  How do I stay in my happy place and not want to stab them in their neck?!  Seriously, it's not a rhetorical question.  I genuinely need to know.  Part of my problem is being in the customer service industry, so I'm already working on getting out.  But until then...how?

What I have realized , is that not responding, or even walking away, is an ok option. Can you imagine not having the last word??  And sometimes it's even more powerful  to let the other person have the last word so their stupidity is the last thing everyone hears.  (That wasn't nice. I'm really sorry.)  My biggest issue with this is how to stay rooted in love, how to let the stupid shit go and not let people and their bad (ignorant, arrogant, self-entitled better than you) attitudes get under my skin.  

Count to ten.  Walk away.  God, grant me the serenity...