Hello, Wild Woman!  

I'm Shannon Whaley and I'm a Women's Business + Marketing Coach, as well as a speaker, writer and storyteller.

My own journey has led me down a crazy, windy road.  

If you want the COMPLETE LOWDOWN as to how I got to where I am today, click HERE to read all about it!!

My mission is to help ambitious, independent women build solid, legal + legit businesses, while using story-based marketing to leverage their services in a way that feels genuine and powerful.

We all have a story in us, and that story is what will connect others to us on a heart-level.  Our stories are what set us apart and they help clients come to us, rather than spending endless hours hunting them down.  Sounds amazing, right?

I help women identify their business + financial goals, reclaim their voice so they can start telling their story online in a way that feels super authentic and true to them, and then market the shit out of their business through social media and in person events.  

you have gifts that need to be shared with the world!!  You were not put on this Earth to be mediocre, or to merely survive.  You were put here to fucking THRIVE!!  

I value integrity, adventure, bravery, consciousness + honesty.  I believe that when we lead with our values, we create businesses that not only feel oh-so-good, they are aligned with our soul's purpose.  

It is my deep desire and absolute passion to support women like you who know they are meant to have an impact on this world, and who want to leave a legacy with the work they do.  


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I can't wait to meet you and hear about what's possible for you and your business!