Hello, Wild Woman!  

I'm Shannon Whaley and I'm the Business + Marketing Coach that can help you transform your hobby into a thriving and sustainable career!

I'm so honored that you're here!  I don't believe in coincidences, so just the fact that you've made it this far is pretty amazing and tells me there's a connection to be made.  

You may have been following me for a while or are brand new to The Traveling Wild Woman Coaching Community, but either way, I want to let you know a little bit about who I am.  


You may be struggling, trying to find your footing in the coaching world.   

It's so easy to get distracted by all of the shiny objects.  when I was first starting out, I was signed up for every free gift I could get my hands onto, newsletter after newsletter flooding my inbox, telling me how to connect with my audience, close a sales call, create a program that was going to take me from $0 to $60k in 60 days (FUCK YES, SIGN ME UP!!!)  

Like you I knew I was meant for BIG things, and I was ready to change some lives.  And...I had no real idea as to where to start.  


I had a vision, I was going through coach training, and I had started to build my audience.    

I had an idea of where I wanted to go, but I didn't know the exact steps to get me there.  I had joined all of the coaching facebook groups and was following a dozen coaches, trying to implement what they were teaching into my business.

And it showed.  

Traveling Wild Woman was piecemealed together and looked like a patch-work quilt.    

I knew I needed someone to help me get all of my ideas out of my head and put into action.  So I joined a group program that focused on marketing and building my brand + business.  


Things took off!! 

Oh girrrrl!!  Did things take off.  I quickly got clarity on what I needed to be doing, things started to really make sense and I was able to fill my practice to two clients, then to four, then all of a sudden I was up to thirteen one-on-one clients!! A full house!!  I was not prepared for things to take off so quickly, aNd definitely not prepared for what was next.  

On September 26, five months after I started coaching full time, my business partners and I decided the business model we had in place wasn't a good fit, so we decided to part ways, leaving me unemployed.  


Cue panic, sobbing in my parked car, sleepless nights, and being scared shitless, unsure of what the future held.     

For 75 days, while I waited for my new company to get up and running, I had the 'opportunity' (that's what we always call it once we've gotten some distance and perspective, isn't it?) to completely dissect my business and see where the gaps were.  I realized I had been focusing on marketing and building my brand, before I'd created a solid foundation for the company to be built upon.  

This led me to a place of refocusing what I was doing with my own clients.  I no longer want to just help them market their business and tell their stories, I also want to make sure I am helping women create strong, solid foundations so they can build their EMPIRES!!


My mission is to help women become true business owners, aware of what's coming in and going out, able to project income and set goals, as well as market their business in a way that feels super authentic and honest.   

We all have a story in us, and that story is what will connect others to us on a heart-level.  Our stories are what set us apart and they help clients come to us, rather than spending endless hours hunting them down.  Sounds amazing, right?

So I help women identify their business + financial goals, reclaim their voice so they can start telling their story online in a way that feels super authentic and true to them, and then market the shit out of their business through social media.  Because you have gifts that need to be shared with the world!!  You were not put on this Earth to be mediocre, to survive.  You were put here to fucking THRIVE!!  

I value integrity, adventure, bravery, consciousness + honesty.  I believe that when we lead with our values, we create businesses that not only feel oh-so-good, they are aligned with our soul's purpose.  

It is my deep desire and absolute passion to support women like you who know they are meant to have an impact on this world, and who want to leave a legacy with the work they do.  


Shannon 2015-0036.jpg

Are you still reading?  Maybe we should take this relationship to the next level...


Are you ready to learn more about what I actually do, and what it would look like to work with me?  Head on over here to read more about my services and the different ways we can work together.  


I can't wait to meet you and hear about what's possible for you and your business!