The Huffington Post

Walking Away From What No Longer Serves You

"I wasn’t failing.  I wasn’t a failure.  In fact, it was the complete opposite. I was bold.  I was brave.  I had the courage to walk away from things that were no longer serving me.


elephant journal

My Sad Little Heart

"My sad little heart, with its big, flowy, expansive and bright white wings, sits in a too small cage. It paces around, knowing what’s out there, remembering what it was like to be wild, but too scared to fly."



Thought Catalog

Stay Single Until You Find A Man Who Feels Like Home

I want a man who looks at me and says, “There you are.  I’ve been waiting my whole life for you.”

A man who has no problem being the first one to say “I love you”, even if he thinks it could scare me and make me want to run away.  He’s not afraid to say what he’s feeling and to tell me what’s on his mind.


Inner Glow Circle

My Journey From Addict to Enlightened Coach

"The darkness of my addictions always beat out the light. I would get back on my feet only to get dragged back down into the darkness of depression, self-hatred and self-harm a few months later."


Dream Job, Dream Life Podcast, Episode 4

Tough Stories, Great Results

The owner of Pretty Brown Nomad, Tali Love, and I talk about what it took for me to take my business on the road, from the Cayman Islands all the way to Lucca, Italy. We talk about the breakup that led to me moving 5000 miles away, going back to school and a HUGE announcement for the listeners. 


Being Boss Minisode

How to Expand Your Brand Beyond You

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson answer my question, "How do I take my brand to the next level? How do I shift this company from Shannon Whaley to Traveling Wild Woman?"