If you want to reclaim your authentic voice and identify your story in a supportive + understanding community of empowered women, join me in Lucca, Italy this summer to dream bigger and see what’s possible for your future!

Photo: Shannon Whaley

Photo: Shannon Whaley

We will take a relaxing train ride into Florence to experience a private guided tour of working artisan studios. Later, we'll have lunch with the Italian director of the Advancing Women Artists Foundation. The organization's vision is that by giving a voice to historic women artists, AWA rescues and reclaims the ‘hidden half’ of Florence’s art.  Photo credit: Pixabay.

We will take a relaxing train ride into Florence to experience a private guided tour of working artisan studios. Later, we'll have lunch with the Italian director of the Advancing Women Artists Foundation. The organization's vision is that by giving a voice to historic women artists, AWA rescues and reclaims the ‘hidden half’ of Florence’s art.  Photo credit: Pixabay.


Tell me...

* Do you long to tell your story but don’t feel strong enough to speak your truth?

* Do you yearn to celebrate your story, grow your courage to be vulnerable and extraordinary?

* Do you want to be an inspiration and role model to the people who need to hear your story the most?

* Do you want to be able to ask for a raise, tell your partner what is actually happening, or even ask your crush out?

* Do you want to create a clear vision for what is possible in your life and pursuits for the next 12 months?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Traveling Wild Woman’s 2017 retreat in Lucca is for YOU!


Photo: Shannon Whaley

Photo: Shannon Whaley


This WEEK-LONG retreat, from October 17-24, 2017, and is for the woman who has a story to tell. It is for the woman who is ready to reclaim her voice and share it with the world.

It is for the woman who is struggling to be seen online and in her life. It is for the woman who wants to use her story to inspire and help others empower themselves.

You can share your story in a way that feels good, and market it in a way that feels like you’re talking to an old friend.


Imagine yourself relaxing on the ancient walls surrounding the genteel city of Lucca.

The historic center is contained within the massive 16th-century redbrick bastions – now topped with trees and welcoming seats to take in the view.

Tuscany is a beautiful place to spend 7 days and 7 nights to step out of your everyday life and into beautiful surroundings to calm your mind and work on the next important steps for you.


Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo: shannon Whaley

Photo: shannon Whaley

Relaxing on the train ride to Florence.  Photo: shannon Whaley

Relaxing on the train ride to Florence.  Photo: shannon Whaley


During the retreat you will: 

  • Open up your heart and write the stories that want to come through most. Whether they are published is up to you, but getting them out of your head and onto paper is the beginning of this beautiful journey.

  • Discover your ability to share your story and leave others inspired. 

  • Experience the beauty of Italy and immerse yourself in Italian culture. 

  • Participate in daily writing exercises that will help you stay connected to your story, even when you return home to the daily grind.  

  • Learn how to tell + market your story in a way that feels true + authentic to you.  

  • Stroll through the streets of Florence, learning about the female artists and writers who fought to have their voices heard, and how we honor the women who came before us by sharing our stories. 

  • Learn how to build your brand through storytelling

  • Discover the importance of creating the perfect photograph to go with your story as you travel and share your experiences with the world. 

  • Connect with storytellers from all over the world, making lifetime friendships with Soul Sisters.

  • Feel re-charged and ON FIRE, ready to pitch your articles to your dream publications!


"Shannon is my Queen of story-based branding.

Before connecting with Shannon, I had spent well over a year maniacally studying how to launch my dream brand, but successful execution still eluded me. Seriously, how many times can you create an “Ideal Client Avatar”?

Enter, Shannon.

During our weekly story-based marketing coaching calls, she broke down what felt like a HUGE project into a step by step process. 
She taught me it’s not the marketing jargon, tricks, or formulas that matter - it’s the people who want to know who I am and WHY I do what I do.

Since January 2017, I've launched my website, 3 opt-ins, and an online course, and every word of copy I (proudly) wrote myself!

But the even bigger transformation since working with Shannon is my new found confidence to speak my truth and come out from behind the keyboard! That fear of all those friends-from-high school’s-ex-husband’s-cute-cousin’s-old-neighbor might see me online and think I’m foolish…yeah, that shit’s GONE.

Shannon knows what she’s talking about - owning your story is the best business tool you can invest in.

I look forward to working with her on all of my future projects and launches." Laura Ellen, Body + Life Transformation Coach

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay


Our Venue

Nestled inside the imposing tree-lined Renaissance walls, Lucca’s history spams time from the Romans through to Napoleon, who gifted the city to his sister, Elisa in 1805. This is the Tuscan city that many travel writers list as one of their favorite destinations.

The cobbled streets and handsome piazzas are perfect to explore by foot. The shady promenade of the walls offers quiet corners for reflection and relaxation. Or hire a bike and ride around the walls for a little exercise. The views from the wall top show the beauty of Tuscany – from hills stepped with olive trees to the nearby Lucchesi vineyards with majestic villas. There is no doubt that this small city has history to explore.

Click here to view the gorgeous apartments we will call home for the week.  

**apartments subject to change due to availability

Staying inside a converted Renaissance palazzo in a few apartments, we’ll each have private space and plenty of room to meet together. Set around the central garden, the rooms are light and bright – some with views towards the magnificent walls of Lucca.

Close to the center but quietly just away from the busier precincts, our venue offers refined Tuscan elegance.

Would you like to wake up to this view for a week?  

Would you like to wake up to this view for a week?  


The Cuisine

Well known for its excellent food and wine, the quieter pace of life Lucca is seen in the historic shops and charming streets that greet us at every turn. The rich fertile soil of Tuscany produces some of Italy’s best flavors.

Together we’ll discover some of the local specialties and daily routines of those lucky enough to call Lucca home. With time to relax and experience some of the fine stores of the city, you are bound to discover a new favorite gelato flavor or pasta dish that will always make your mouth water.

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton


But this is Not Just ANY Kind of Retreat…

This retreat is focused on you becoming stronger – to find your voice, sense of purpose and pride in telling your story.

Through the training sessions, our shared conversations, and the program of activities, your confidence will grow as your story takes shape. You will feel less alone, understood and heard.

One of the things I know to be true – there is great power in being witnessed by a group of women. I want every woman to leave knowing she has made friends who will stay in contact and support each other.” Shannon Whaley, Traveling Wild Woman

Through our work together you’ll share your story and get feedback from the group. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and why your stories are important. And you’ll leave with several articles ready to be published when you return home. Importantly, you’ll also have the skills and confidence to write more – with a much stronger belief in your ability to write your story.

Photo: Shannon Whaley

Photo: Shannon Whaley

Whether your goal is to support your business or tell your story to become an author, together we will nurture your ability to connect with your audience through storytelling, leaving them inspired and wanting to hear more.

Through the embrace of each other working together, the fabulous activities and incredible sessions of the retreat, we will release the hold the stories have on you, and watch how that freedom will flow into other areas of your life. Importantly, you’ll devise a plan to focus, prioritize and share your stories.

Step out of your everyday, normal life and into the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany, as we work on the next important steps for you as a storyteller.


"Watching Shannon share her story so authentically has inspired me to do the same - to stop hiding, to quit worrying what other people think, and to embrace the completely unique services I have to offer the world. Her coaching is both empathetic and actionable - I always have increased confidence, clarity and a concrete plan after a call with her!" ~Tess Rafferty, Compassion Coach + Vegan Lifestyle Consultant


The Pleasures

Chef Giuseppe will teach us how to make an authentic Tuscan Cuisine that we will enjoy together while sipping prosecco or fizzy water.  

Chef Giuseppe will teach us how to make an authentic Tuscan Cuisine that we will enjoy together while sipping prosecco or fizzy water.  

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Cooking up a storm

Picture yourself strolling through the ancient streets of Lucca, listening to the calm voice of Chef Giuseppe as he introduces you to the regional flavors and purveyors of local foods. From bakers and pastry shops, to gourmet meats and incredible range of lentils, beans and pulses typically eaten in the province.

After our short walking introduction of the food shops he regularly visits, we’ll arrive at the cooking school for an introductory tasting of regional olive oils, pecorinos with spicy jams, and balsamicos, served with a glass of prosecco.

Moving on to a hands-on cooking class to make a range of seasonal antipasti, a ‘primi’ of handmade pasta or regional risotto, a ‘secondi’ of veal or beef with side vegetables, and a ‘dolce’ to balance our meal. Once done, we’ll dine together, to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Stroll the Seaside Promenade

Italians know that time to relax – to let the sun sooth your soul and salt air fill your lungs – is one of the important lessons in life. We’ll take the short train ride from Lucca to Viareggio, to stroll the promenade, eat seafood and soak up a little Mediterranean sunshine. This seaside town has views towards the Apuan mountains, home of the world-famous Carrara marble Michelangelo made famous with his David.

Viareggio, Photo credit: Pixabay

Viareggio, Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton


Taking this time to journal, write your story, relax in the sun, and remember even Traveling Wild Women are worthy of self-care and quiet time.

Just days after the solstice, the long summer evening is a perfect excuse to consider an aperitivo or seafood dinner, or gather the makings of your own picnic and find the perfect spot on the pier.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay


Time in Bella Firenze

Leaving Lucca early to take advantage of the cooler morning, we'll arrive in Florence, gather again and walk venture across the river to the ‘Oltrarno’ – other side of the Arno. Joined by artist and tour guide Helen, we'll visit some of the working artisan studies and hear their stories as they practice their craft today. With our private tour, we'll learn about what motivates them and what excites them, as we see their stories in action. 

For lunch, we’ll meet with the Italian Director of Advancing Women Artists Foundation, Linda Falcone. As you savor the flavors of the beautifully prepared Tuscan lunch, Linda will speak of the women who have walked the streets of this ancient city over the centuries, many ignored or seen their work attributed to the men in their lives, as women were not supposed to be artists.

“AWA’s Mission is to identify, restore and exhibit the artwork – the myriad of painting and sculptures by ground-breaking women artists that have been overlooked for centuries.”

You can learn more about their latest project in this short video – The First Last

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

Photo by retreat speaker + photographer, Sandy Swanton

After lunch, the afternoon is ours to explore some of the well-trodden paths and the less-explored corners of Florence.Maybe you want to see the world-famous Duomo, or relax in a piazza with a cool drink and watch the world go by – all is possible.

We'll finish the day with the chance to soak up the atmosphere of the ancient streets, as we wander back towards the river, and enjoy ‘aperitivo’ to watch the sun set.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay


VIP Sessions

You might choose to spend time with me in one of my special three-hour VIP sessions I’ll hold that day. We’ll work on whatever is most pressing for you, and share either lunch or dinner together.

Available on a first-come basis, for an additional cost, lets put it all together and make sure you’ve got what you need to share your story with the world around you in your own special way, discovering how to use your voice in a way that is authentically you.


"Shannon helped me realize that my story mattered and that people wanted to hear it. I kept hearing from all the business gurus that you need to "add value." What I didn't realize, and Shannon helped me to see, was that sharing my real and raw struggles WAS adding value, but in a different way.

And let me tell you something: The posts where I've told my story have gotten so much more engagement than others where I'm giving concrete "value". Shannon taught me that people want to know the real and vulnerable me. She models that herself seemingly effortlessly through her own writing.

I don't feel afraid anymore to share parts of myself that used to cause intense shame. It's so liberating! If you want that kind of freedom too then I highly recommend working with Shannon!" ~Tarah Galloway, Mind|Body|Soul Coach


What’s Included

* Deluxe, shared-occupancy accommodations for seven days/seven nights in beautifully appointed apartments, with separate bedrooms.  Click here to view the gorgeous accommodations!

* Seven teaching/training sessions

* Group coaching sessions

* A week full of insightful conversations

* Informal yoga nidra sessions + meditations to help you relax

* Seven delicious breakfasts shared together

* Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit in your apartment

* Two lunches at our gorgeous + luxurious venue

* Two dinners as a group – our Welcome drinks and dinner, and our Farewell dinner

* Hands-on cooking class with lunch, and introductory walking tour led by Chef Giuseppe

* Meet the Artisans in Florence – a walking tour of working artisan studios

* Evening aperitivo in Florence at one of the city’s river-side osteria

* An afternoon relaxing by the Mediterranean, in Viareggio

* Transfer from Pisa Airport on Tuesday, October 17 and return on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

* Train tickets for our trip to Florence and Viareggio


Your Bonuses!

* Access to the Traveling Wild Woman: Elite Facebook group + community, with exclusive content typically reserved for my one-on-one clients, to support you in your business and writing after the retreat.   

* Pre-retreat virtual gathering where you'll meet the other participants and begin building lasting friendships.  

* A 3-month (November, December, January) Mastermind call so you can move forward with the goals and plans developed in Italy, brainstorm fresh ideas, and build deeper friendships with the other participants from the retreat. 


What’s Not Included

* Your round-trip airfare from home

* Personal, medical and travel insurance – REQUIRED to participate in the retreat.  This can be purchased via the airline or through a credit card company.  Please ask if you need support with this. 

* Meals not included in the schedule – one lunch and three dinners.  These meals will allow you to explore Lucca and Viareggio at your leisure.

* Activities, lunch or dinner on our Transition Day 

* Money for personal shopping

* Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, etc.

* Tips for our guides in Lucca and Florence (we recommend €20 per person





Arrange your flight so you arrive in Pisa Airport, Italy on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, before 2pm local time.

If you want to come earlier or stay later, that’s fine. Just let me know, and I’ll help you with the details.

I can also help you with your flight so you arrive on time. Just say the word!


When does registration close?

With a maximum of 10 spots available for this incredible retreat, registration will close when we have 10 paid deposits or on September 30, 2017, whichever comes first. After that, your name will be added to the waitlist for notification of the next retreat.

So, if you don’t want to wait another year to experience this incredible journey to making a difference in your life, and in the lives of others, get in touch today.


Am I making the right decision? I’ve wasted lots of money on programs that didn’t give me a return on my investment.

I know how frustrating this is for you. My bet is that you’ve been trying to follow the advice of “gurus” who promised you things that weren’t possible for you—based on your personality. I know that didn’t feel good.

This innovative approach is all about working with your strengths and unique personality to create content and a marketing and business strategy that is in alignment with who you are. You don’t need to be someone you are not, and you don’t need to struggle anymore when building your business. This approach is very different and will help you find ease and joy when it comes to marketing your business.


How do I know this retreat will give me what I need to move forward?

My clients succeed most when they are:

* Open to being 100% themselves when it comes to communicating their brand messages.

* Willing to try new ideas and think “out of the box”.

* Motivated and ready to work hard to create unique content to grow their businesses.

* Willing to invest the time, energy, and resources into themselves, knowing that doing so will bring renewed spirit and innovation to their businesses.

If this is you, join us for a focused time that will build your skills and confidence to continue to make content work for you, building you as a thought leader in your field.


What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. I’ve done a really great job explaining who this retreat is for and what you will take away from it. If you have a specific question that hasn’t been answered on this page, email me at shannon@travelingwildwoman.com.


"The universe put Shannon in my path exactly when she was supposed to show up. After meeting her, she quickly became my inspiration for what was possible along a path I knew I needed to pursue as if my life depended on it. 

While this path that Shannon lives on and coaches from helped me become an entrepreneur and form the wellness company, KURE, it also taught me something so much more valuable - how to vulnerably speak my truths without the urge to hide under a rock!!

Shannon is exactly who she says she is and her written and spoken words are a celebration of her entire life. From the remarkable ups to the crushing lows, all of her life events are honored and shared with the genuine hope that her stories help other women feel confident in their own lives.

Coaching by the example she lives, Shannon encouraged me to give myself permission to speak from my heart’s voice, a voice that felt trapped in a box wrapped with fear and self doubt. 

She has inspired me to own my most authentic self, a place where science and woo woo collide, in order to find freedom and reconnect to my deepest creative expression. 

To say that being coached by Shannon has been a life changing transformation would be an understatement! ” ~Kate Ure, Wellness Educator + Coach

Photo: Sandy Swanton, Lucca, 2017

Photo: Sandy Swanton, Lucca, 2017

Meet Shannon

What lights me up is being able to help women live more adventurous, authentic and passionate lives!!  A true Traveling Wild Woman, Shannon currently resides in Lucca after living in the Cayman Islands for four years.  

It has always been a dream of mine to live in Italy to learn Italian, and so this year I decided to make that dream come true!!  I am so excited to share my new home country with all of you!! 

I am a Women's Business + Marketing Coach and I help my clients build their brand and social media presence through authentic storytelling.  That's my 'official' title.  What I really love doing is helping women connect to their deeper purpose, to show up 100% as themselves online and in person.  

To learn more about me and what I do, click here.