Welcome to Ignite: The Mastermind Experience


This is THE PLACE to be if you're looking to have a fire lit under your ass.

Connection and community are the number one priority so you can surround yourself with like-minded people who can support you as you build your online business.

 The Mastermind Experience is for those who want to go deeper in their writing, connect to their message, and do the shadow work that IS storytelling. It’s for the Wild One who knows without a shadow of a doubt that they have a message and the world needs to hear it.

We will support you. We will push you.

We will hold you accountable. And we will SEE you.

We kick off on November 7th, 2pm EST for four months of storytelling, marketing and business support with 10 Wild Ones who are ready to go deep and do the personal work that brings about soulful storytelling.

It Includes:

🔥 Weekly Zoom Calls (Total 16)

2+ hours each week so all coaching requests are answered and to dive deep together.

🔥 Guest experts and spotlights

So that you can learn from the best!

🔥 Exclusive Secret Facebook Group

For Community, accountability and continued support between calls. Practice your Discovery Calls, Facebook Lives, Sales Pitches, and anything else you may need help with.  

🔥Support, Connection, and Accountability

You will receive support, guidance and accountability for Storytelling, Marketing & Business Building. I’ll help you to connect more deeply with your story, write from a place of soul based alignment and get your message to the people that need to hear it!

🔥 Business Unleashed

Added bonus: you each receive my comprehensive digital course, Business Unleashed. This program is designed to cover everything you need to grow and scale your online business, which you can work through on your own and receive support during your hot seat on our weekly calls.

We’ll cover things like....

  • How to Give Less Fucks about what people think of you so you can show up, share your story and change lives.

  • Identifying the Pillars of Your Business so you can create content and never say, "I don't know what to talk about today."

  • Removing money blocks and limiting beliefs around charging for your services.

  • Create a social media strategy so you can show up confidently and consistently with a clear and concise message.

  • Learn how to build your online community to quickly boost your Know/Like/Trust factor, making sales fun and EASY.

  • List Building 101. Why having a list is KEY to continued success in your business.

  • Get crystal.fucking.clear on your messaging and what you do so you can position yourself as a Leader in your industry.

Want to hear what other women have achieved following our work together?

Imagine this…

🔥 Creating a #30DaysOfRecovery movement

Inspiring others across social media to share their recovery stories to end the stigma and shame associated with sobriety

🔥Going from hiding to consistent Facebook Lives!

Committing to 30 days of Facebook Lives that are getting hundreds of views and shared around Facebook!

🔥Making a real difference and receiving messages like:

“Love you, your bravery, strength, honesty, vulnerability and positivity… You were meant for such a time as this, stepping more & more fully into the spotlight with grace, courage & a message of such HOPE!”


“You are a leader, a healer, a bright & shining light who is pulling back the veil to reveal TRUTH, just by living yours, out loud, day by day. Powerful post…keep shining!”


“Thank you for encouraging me when I needed it and thank you for showing me that showing up as you are is just what you need to do to attract those who are meant to see it.”

THIS is the Power of Storytelling.

THIS is the power of being in community with other Wild Ones who are also learning to Dig Deep + Be Brave.

You don't have to be hunting for clients (unless you really want to.)

There's another way to find your soulmate clients and it's through storytelling and showing up as 100%, unapologetically you.

Business gets to be easy and fun. It gets to feel good and expansive and like what you were put on this earth to do.




Just $495 per month!

Need more 1:1 Support?

Sign up for the VIP Option and get a 50 Minute 1:1 sessions with me EACH MONTH.

That’s almost 4 hours of just you and me diving deep into your story!




Just $875 per month!

Schedule a call with me and we can go over all of this together, free of charge, to make sure you feel aligned with this container.

I want you to win.

I want you to share your story with the world.

And I want to be the one to help you.

Let’s chat so we can make that happen.



Shannon has been pivotal in supporting me where I am and helping me find my voice. I love the support that Shannon provides and how she guides us to each find our own way, the one that is unique and authentic to us. One of my favorite things is the connecting and support of all of the other women in this group. They are some of the greatest listeners and cheerleaders. 

I highly recommend this program to any woman who is ready to step forward into her strengths, open to guidance, willing to speak her truth and explore everything that gets in the way of living her purpose.

Amanda JP Brown, Author|Exploration Guide|Sacred Space Creator, You Beautiful Knockout


I love the high vibe women in this group, always willing to chime in and answer questions and show support. Shannon in SO available to this group, and I love her ability to just show up for all of us, constantly providing value.

Aida Lawlor, Clarity Coach + Biz Mentor, Copper Ladder