"I can't afford it."

We've all been there.

You had an amazing Discovery Call or Consultation, and you're really connecting with the other person on the line.  You're positive it's a sure thing. 

You get to the end of the conversation, where you share with them the length of the program, all of the goodies and what they'll receive, possible results, and...the cost of the program. 

And then you wait...only to hear those four dreaded words, "I can't afford that."

We're taught to dig a little deeper, with permission, of course.  To see if they're having "money blocks" and "resistance" come up around the type of investment we're asking them to make.  

And you know what?  Sometimes, they just really CAN'T afford it.  For so many reasons, they don't have the money, they don't want to use credit cards, they're not willing to go into debt for your services.  


Some coaches won't take no for an answer and believe that people will find the money.  That may be the case...for them.  But we can't put our own experiences onto our clients, or potential clients.  

So then what?

Then we get creative!!!

We come to the call prepared, with different options for our clients.  We've done the work behind the scenes to know that not everyone is ready to invest, so we've tiered our packages to make them more accessible, to more people.  

What does that even mean?

I will use my one-on-one program, The Wild Entrepreneur, to show you how I've tiered my packages and was hired almost immediately once this new program was packaged differently.

It is either a 4 or 6-month program, with 12 or 24 sessions, respectively.  You receive:

  • Three, 50-minute coaching calls each month

  • Membership to my mentoring and training program, Wild Woman: B Side, for added accountability and training, for the duration of your package. 

  • A personalized Google Drive where I upload content and resources for you during our work together.

  • My Business Resource Guide which includes business plan templates, worksheets, spreadsheets and other content I've created for my 1:1 clients.

  • Unlimited emails throughout the week (during normal work hours, Monday-Friday) for support.

  • VIP Facebook Voice Messaging for check-ins and quick questions.

  • My eyes on your copy, from websites to articles to blog posts.  I can edit, proofread and cheer you on!

This program is $600/mo.

Even though this program is packed with value, there are plenty of new coaches who aren't used to investing at this level.  I re-packaged my program to be longer in length and a lower monthly cost.

This is one way to make your services more accessible to more people.  

If you're feeling super connected to the person on the other line and know it's a good fit, you can let them know you're willing to work with them so they can get the support and accountability they're looking for.  

Ask them what they ARE willing to invest, and then present them with the different price points and alternative programs you've already created.  You can take away some of the bells and whistles, therefore lowering the cost for your program.    

In my case, I have created a few different options.  One option is to have 2 calls a month and remove the membership to Wild Woman: B Side, which lowers the cost to $400/mo.  

If they're only available to pay $300/mo, I'd offer them one call a month and access to Wild Woman: B Side for training and accountability, but there would not be unlimited messaging or copy review. 

If none of those options worked, I'd refer them to my mentor and training program, Wild Woman: B Side, for $99/mo., so they could get the information and group coaching setting, and help them generate the income to eventually begin one-on-one coaching. 

See how much more flexible and IN FLOW this feels?  I used to have a strict, 6-month program, 4 calls a month, $700/mo.  That's it. No other options.  

And that didn't feel good to me anymore.  

This new tiered pricing feels better, works better and allows women to feel supported and understood, not pressured into purchasing a package they're stressed AF about.    

How will you start tiering your programs so you can reach MORE clients??

If you're interested in working with me to help you figure out how to price and structure your programs and business in a way that feels IN FLOW, click here to apply for a consultation.