Testimonials are one way to powerfully show your audience the results your clients have created for themselves through working with you!

After you've completed with a client, asking for a testimonial is a great way to hear about what they've taken away from your time together, as well as a way to show Return On Investment (ROI) for Life Coaching to prospective clients. 

When you're just starting out, you can offer free sessions in exchange for a testimonial, as a way to build up the social proof of your knowledge and expertise as a Life Coach. 

When asking for a testimonial, you want the client to talk about what they were struggling with before they came to you, what you worked on together, what their biggest takeaway was, and how their life has changed now as a result.

You can rewrite it for them so it flows well, just make sure they've reviewed and approved it. You can use their picture and a link to their own website as well, to help promote them as a perk! To comply with International Coach Federation Standards and Ethics, make sure you have a signed release (or have included it in your contract) to protect yourself. 

You can create a page on your website dedicated to testimonials, as well as pepper them into your sales page to show the value of the program and what's possible during your time together.

Here is a list of the exact questions I ask my coaching clients once we've wrapped up our time together.

  • What were you struggling with most when you signed up for coaching?

  • What was the #1 reason you signed up to work with me above all the others?

  • What have your biggest breakthroughs, takeaways been?

  • What are the non-material things that you’ve experienced while working with me? For example, the emotional/mental part, not the Sales pages/funnels part. 

  • How many clients did you have before we started and ended?

  • What could I have done differently to support you more fully?

Do you have Love Notes, or a testimonials page, on your website?

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