When you're a coach, YOU are your business. 

When I was creating my business, one thing I deeply desired was to get paid to work on myself.  I wanted a career where I could read self-help books, journal, do my own personal development work, and share my insights.  

I desired a career where I was held accountable for a healthy lifestyle, where people looked to me for guidance and support. 

I wanted a career where my business was an extension of who I am.  

I had no idea what I was in for!!

Today I sit here with the career of my dreams, and it is cracking me WIDE OPEN!! 

I have two coaches who push me in totally different directions every week.  One is my Business + Marketing Coach, who is helping me scale my business so I can serve more entrepreneurs and have a bigger impact in the world.  

The other one is a Love + Life Coach and is the creator of the Goddess Army, which I joined to shift some deeply held beliefs about myself, relationships, and what my life is "supposed" to look and feel like.  

Each in their own way, they are helping me transform my life and business.  

As you can imagine, we are digging through A LOT of deeply ingrained beliefs, murky feelings, and tears.  So many tears.   

I knew this work was going to be deeply transformational, but I wasn't prepared for HOW DEEP the feelings and wounds were.  I thought I dealt with all of this shit in therapy!!  It's interesting how lessons keep popping up if we haven't fully processed them, isn't it?  

I'm ready to break up my stories.  I don't want to keep repeating patterns.  I'm ready to learn my lesson and be done with shit already!! 

I oftentimes think about how nice it would be to have a glass of wine after work, but I know me and I know that eventually I'd have a glass WHILE I was working, and then I'd be blacked out at the computer.  It's either nothing or full on party.  So no wine.  :-)  

But there's seriously no "escape" from the work I'm doing on myself and with my clients.  

So I've had to take a step back.  To allow the tears to come.  To allow space for all of the feelings and thoughts...and soooo much writing.  I've had to take a step back from my business, only taking clients three days a week so I can write, read, explore, plan and most importantly, nap.  

It's interesting how our clients mirror our own lives.  I've spoken with several of the women I'm working with who are experiencing similar breakthroughs and needing to take a step back.  

But instead of creating the space and time to heal and grow, they're experiencing panic, frustration and the need to do 'more'.  "If I just focus on my business everything else will work itself out."

Oh my love, the Universe doesn't work that way!!

If you don't create the space you need in your life, the Universe will do it for you.  This can manifest as illness, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, A SHATTERED WRIST (like what happened to me in February 2015).  

If you don't slow down, the Universe will do it for you.  

Are you feeling the need for more naps?  For more quiet time?  Is your heart aching for a solo trip somewhere, or are you finding that you just want to hibernate?

This is your intuition trying to slowwwwwww you down.  Are you listening?  Or are you trying to "power through it"?  What would it be like to take the rest you need?  To book that hotel room, or to take that little getaway you've been dreaming about?  

BELIEVE ME.  The work will all be there when you get back.  You're not missing out on anything.  And chances are, nobody is going to die if you don't return that one email at 11:30pm about some bullshit they think is urgent.  


But you know what is?  Your self-care.  Your peace of mind.  Your serenity.  Your Being.  Your family.  Your heart.  Your soul.  That voice inside that's asking you to take care of her/him.  

YOU are important.  YOU are your business.  If you don't take care of YOU, you won't have a business.   

I am giving you permission to unplug, turn off, and just go take care of you.