** Who told you a $5k or $10k month meant you're successful? **

What is your financial goal to hit to know you’re ‘making it’ as a coach?

$5000 a month?

$10,000 a month?

What’s the number you think you want to hit that will let you and the world know you’re successful?

Who told you that number meant you have a successful coaching practice?

I am so guilty of this too, which is why I’ve been digging deeper into my own shit and looking at whyyyyyy I think I need to hit a $10k/mo. to feel successful.

Would I feel successful at an $8k month? Or would I feel disappointed because I was $2k short of my goal?

I've had some great months this year!! Three months over $5k and several where I missed it by $541, $22, $468, $446...

That month I missed it by $22? Yeah, totally pissed. 

Like, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! 

$22???? Come on!!

Rather than being OH SO GRATEFUL, I was mad that I didn't reach my goal. The goal that somebody else told me I needed to have to signify that I'd 'made it' as a coach. So I could say I was hitting $5k months and you should hire me based on my income. 

And you know what happened the next month?

My income dropped back down to $2701. 

I had forgotten to get on my knees and say thank you! I'd forgotten that things don't happen as we think they should, and we get what's in alignment with our greater good. 

I made my work about the money and not about the lives I'm changing, the businesses I'm helping, the impact I'm having. My focus went from clients to numbers because someone (many people, actually) in the coaching world told me that unless I'm making $xxxx amount of dollars, I'm not successful as a life coach.

So it was time to do some money mindset work and dig deeper, and I encourage you to dig deeper, too!

—What does a $10k month represent to me? (i.e., Freedom, security, success, safety)

—What feelings do I think I’ll feel when I hit that number?

—Would I feel those feelings at an $8k month?

—How can I start feeling those feelings now instead of waiting until that money shows up?

—What does $10k represent to me? Who told me that’s where I need to be?

—Would I still feel successful if my $10k month was followed by a $1k month? What is it that I really desire?

—Would I rather have consistent months over a random $10k month?

Look at your goals a little more closely! Dig into the why and who is telling you to have those goals.

Are they even your own goals?